Friday, April 1, 2016

Know the hidden traits of Dr Rowan Molnar

 “To mark an impression, you must learn to impress with your words”, says Dr. Rowan Molnar, speaker, consultant, and specialist anaesthetist. Dr. Rowan Molnar ( #drrowanmolnar ) is a professional knowledgeable orator with a potential to inspire masses with his brilliantly delivered presentations on health and medicine management. In addition to this, he has successfully managed to establish a broad recognition in the field of medicine with his contributions.

His contribution has proved very beneficial for thousands of people, and his name can be framed in golden letters owing to his remarkable work. With a strong determination to help the people, he has made many efforts to spread his sea of knowledge through his writings and social media.

Having an experience of more than 1/4th a decade, Dr. Rowan Molnar ( @drrowanmolnar )has attained the stretches and boundaries of this field. Also working as the Head of Discipline at the University of Tasmania, Australia, Molnar has worked in the Harvard University, alongside contributing to the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and the John Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore and the University of California.

Through his determination and efforts, Dr. Rowan Molnar has set up a unique system of presentations and workshops employing external faculty to prepare trainees the serve the public.

Apart from working as a doctor cum educator, he has also been an extraordinary author, with exemplary pieces of award-winning works.